Premium shopping experience with 50-minute delivery & returns

Our Mission

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The Ole Experience

Top-Tier Brands

Exclusively curated fashion marketplace of the city’s best brands & designer stores.


50-Minute Delivery

Delivering orders to wherever you are within 50 minutes


Immediate Returns

Customers can try on their order while a courier is waiting, and immediately return what they don't want.

Brands We Carry
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Local Fashion


The Future Of Fashion

The Top Brands & Designers

Ole partners with the most desirable brands and designers, creating a unique variety that changes from one city to another.

50-min Deliveries & Returns

Ole provides VIP Service for every purchase. Enjoy our exclusive on-demand deliveries and instant returns/exchanges throughout the city. Ole offers to try the clothes at home while the courier is waiting and immediately return what they don't want, making sure customers get what they want when they want it.

Click & Connect

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Seamless Integration

Connection takes less than a minute. With one-click integrations, we automatically connect to your store's inventory and create your store on the app.

Fashion Couriers

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Fashion At The Speed Of Life

Ole provides an amazing shopping experience, including couriers that represent the brand and appreciate premium fashion. Our VIP experience of high-end product delivery, the try & buy service, and impeccable customer service is the DNA of our brand.

Luxury Experience

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Empower Your E-commerce

1. On-Demand Delivery

Offer our on-demand unique service to your customers

2. Immediate Stock Return

Customers can try their orders while the courier is waiting, and immediately return what they don't want to your store

3. Go Green

Reduce your carbon-footprint with our sustainable delivery model

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